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Keeping Devonta. Who to take in Round 1


Whats up guys. I am drafting tomorrow in a 12 team full PPR league that starts 2 WRs and RBs and a flex. I have a choice to keep Devonta Freeman or Jordy Nelson and have leaned toward Devonta.

After keeping Devonta I have the second pick in our draft. Mike Evans, Jordy, and Melvin Gordon will be players I have available to me. Who would be the best to pair with Devonta in a PPR out of these 3? What rank would you put them in considering my decision to keep Devonta Freeman?


Especially if you can keep Evans possibly next year.


Freeman is a great keeper choice. If you can keep Evans going forward, Evans. If not, Jordy (I have him exactly 1 spot ahead of Evans in all formats for this year, so I wouldn’t argue if you liked Evans more regardless of the keeper situation). Gordon doesn’t factor in here at all for me.

Also, who let Evans go? That was a mistake.


Haha, the guy who let Evans go kept LeVeon Bell. I ended up going Jordy and am happy with my decision.