Keeping it fresh

Looking to keep my league mates interested as the commissioner of a league I’ve been running for 14 seasons this season, so I have added and am adding some layers.
Starting last season we let the 3 division winners pick who was in their divisions (linear Draft style). And we’ll be adding a new aspect to the prize pool by upping the ante a bit and adding a $20 weekly incentive for the high scorer each week.
What are some things other commissioners have done to jazz things up a bit? Just for the record, we have a great group of active players. This is a pre-emptive strike. Thanks footclan!

I have implemented the following in my dynasty league:

  • Every trade gets a vote (we use MFL polls)
  • Off-season and In-Season Waivers (separate FAAB budgets)
  • Highest Weekly Total Points Scored each week is awarded $10 and Highest Overall Total Points Scored during the regular season (13 weeks) is be awarded $50.
  • Rosters are increased for annual Rookie draft and cut down during per-season. This creates a lot of Waiver wire activity.
  • Season Long Prop Bets. Before NFL milestones like the Rookie Draft and Regular Season, franchise owners choose approx 25 categories and get 1 point for each correct answer. Things like leading rusher, QB with most interceptions, Offensive player of the year. Winner receives the 2.17 rookie pick. (Voluntary, but most are involved due to the rookie pick reward)
  • New this year, I started a side Guillotine league limited to the franchise owners. (Volunteer)

If your not familiar with a Guillotine league, at the end of each week of the NFL season, two things occur:

  1. The bottom scoring team from that week gets eliminated from the league. (No further starting linuep required).
  2. That team’s roster is dropped into the free agent pool by the commissioner.

There is no trading, just free agency. So there is less administration by franchise owners required throughout the year. Just 12 round draft, starting lineups and waivers.