Keeping Stud RBS with No 3 pick

What’s up Foot clan. I am in a 2 keeper Half PPR league and I have the 3rd overall pick this year. I am keeping Jamers Conner for a 14th rounder and Damian Williams for a 15th. I also have 2 3rd round picks. 3.03 and 3.06

With that said, should I reach for a WR at 3 overall or grab a 3rd top RB for my flex? If I grab a 3rd RB there I feel like the WR talent at the end of round 2 and beginning of round 3 should be good enough to get some stubs. Mike Evans Rd 2 and Keenan Allen rd 3 possibly and grab Ertz or kittle at 3.06?

What do you guys thinks?

Pair a top WR with those backs

Unless a guy like Kamara, Barkley, or CMac are there.

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WOW you are in an awesome place - i agree entirely with joeshmoe92. At 3rd overall and 2 - 3rd round picks IF one of the top 4 are available (yes even zeke) I would take him - maybe even david johnson… NOW… if you draft a 3rd RB i would go for one of the top 3 TE if one is available in the second round - and your are still going to get great value at WR with your 2 3rd round picks - again wow you have soooo many great options.

Also if there is a top WR you might also consider that and probably youll be able to get kerryon at the end of the second round…

With those two running backs+ you pick position+the amount of picks you have your options are endless - in your specific situation i might even consider Mahomes in the second round if hes available…

If you can get Saquon, CMC, or Kamara, I’d lean that route because they’re all basically RB+WR on their own. You can still get excellent WR quality for your 2nd round and two 3rd round picks. Keep in mind there’s no guarantee that Damian Williams will carry you all year long.

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