Keeping which 3

Can keep 3, already have an idea of who but looking for other points of view. In a .5 ppr league.

Adam Thielen, in the 6th
Dalvin Cook, in the 13th
Deshaun Watson, in the 14th
Allen Robinson II, in the 15th

Not a bad problem to have, having too many guys to keep.

I personally keep Cook, Watson, and Robinson - the round values are just so much greater than the Thielen in the 6th… I personally am more on the Diggs train this year, so that may be why I’m biased.

That being said, if you’re not convinced Robinson will return to a top 20 WR (I personally think he gets gobs of volume this year) then Thielen in the 6th isn’t an awful option either.

Cook and Robinson are the 2 I am sold on.

Cook is going to be a stud and his value in the 13th is redic.

Robinson should be way better and has wr1 potential… So taking that upside in the 15th I think is hard to pass on.

For the last it comes down to personal preference… Do you believe Watson is going to be amazing… If so take him…

Thielen should be a great slot guy and is a top WR… His adp is 3.2 so your def getting great value on him.

They both have risk as MIN had prob one of the best season’s they could of had… Now they have a new QB and offensive coordinator. So will that effect thielen.?

Watson is coming off a injury… And teams now have tape on him and should be able to defend him a little better.

I think both players have risk… So go with you gut.

But honestly your in a Great position.

I think Cook is a forsure keeper… The other 2 you could do any combo of the 3 and you will be set and gaining value on all of them

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I say cook watson robinson. CRAZY value on all 3 of them, even though I think Watson regresses this season he will still be better than any other QB you could get in round 13.

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You can’t discount the trade value of Watson either… I was able to move Watson last year after his injury for Shady (our league doesn’t allow keepers in the first three rounds so Shady was a power play that helped me win the ship) and it was because I hit on Keenum as a FA too.