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Keke Coutee vs Keelan Cole ROS?


Should I pick Cole from waivers and release Keke? I don’t need to start any of them this week, is more of a stash move. Who should have a better ROS value?


I’d prob stick w/ Keke… better QB and Fuller likely to not make it an entire season knowing injury history. Cole is mixed in w/ other receiving options and Bortles… is… well… Bortles.


I am still trying to figure out why everyone loves Cole so much. I know he looks good and is talented, but it seems like a roulette with other guys


I dropped cole after last week. I honestly think Dede will be on the receiver to own in that offense, but even then hes a risky play. Houston has a better chance of supporting 3 WR since they dont use their TE or RBs for pass catching and deshaun is a much more capable qb than bortles.