Keke or Callaway. Who to pick up?

Got an extra space in my line up, this two are the best options available.
Standard 12-team league.
Do i get Keke Coutee or Antonio Callaway?

Calloway can’t stop dropping the ball, go with Keke since Fuller is hurt.

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Just asked a similar question, on either Callaway or Higgins from the Browns. The Browns schedule after this week until there bye week is seriously good, I’d take Callaway out of those two guys.

If Fuller was out long term then it’s KeKe though, Callaway loves a drop right now…but is getting targets

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Keke was limited with a hamstring injury yesterday, should i worry?
I think im leaning callaway cause of his future, both this guys wont be in my line up for at least the next 3 weeks, when my wr2 has a bye…

I traded for fuller yesterday and grabbed keke from waivers as his handcuff. I think with fuller’s hammy issues it would be wise to grab keke…houston isnt throwing to their TE or RB’s which will provide plenty of targets for keke

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I didn’t see that actually, yes possibly the soft tissue injuries are always a concern even minor they are easily aggravated.
I’d go Callaway to be honest, gets the deep targets and the future schedule is too good to pass up. With Baker happy to sling it around the next set of games should yield results for one of thise Browns WRs.

I’m trying to get Landry before next week but failing that i’ll grab Callaway or maybe Higgins from the wire and stash for matchups going forward, one of them will be a good WR streaming option for sure

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I dropped Callaway for Keke because I have Fuller…

Keke, do you love me…? LOL

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Limited with hamstring injury
Coutee (hamstring) was a limited participant at Wednesday’s practice.

This is what the nfl fantasy website says

Thanks for the tips tho guys

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Callaway been pissing me off. He has missed a few long bombs.

Last week alone he dropped a 2-Point conversion, missed a catch that led to a defensive TD, and almost fumbled a kickoff return. His best play was a big 77-yard run, but he pretty much tripped out of bounds at the 1-yard line lol talk about frustrating…

Coach has said he will get fewer snaps next week in order to refocus. That being said, after next week the browns have great WR matchups for 5 straight weeks.

Only Damarius Thomas and Nelson Aghalor have worse drops on the season than Callaway…