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Keke or Hines?


So undecided on who to pick Keke Coutee or Hines…this is a 10T full PPR redraft league my current RBs r ajayi cook lat Murray Sony and Henry and my wrs r Landry manny sanders Alshon Jeffery Enunwa and Godwin…


team sounds pretty good pick who u like more


I would drop Enunwa and pick up which ever one you believe in more…


I would drop Henry… he has like absolutely no value and get Hines or keke whichever one


Lol I want them both over Enunwa and Henry


Even though Henry has been terrible so far this season, It is difficult to drop a starting RB…

But if you feel like it has been a big enough sample size and don’t think things will improve then go ahead and pull the trigger and drop both…

I would definitely drop Enunwa for Keke


I would take Hines over Enunwa I think. Even though the backfield is a little muddled in Indy, Mack is still nursing an injury and Turbin hasnt logged game action in a minute. Meanwhile it looks like Hines has a lock on the pass catching back roll in the offense. While the between the gaps runners will cut into each-others work, I don’t think Hines’ roll is in any jeopardy. Plus he passes the eye test; he just looks more explosive and has better hands than his competition