Keke waiver priority advice

So I just lost fuller but not too hurt at wrs as I have Jeffrey green Golladay cook , iam also 6-1 and looking likely going be 7-1 so am mainly thinking playoffs iam no 1 in waiver priority would you use it on keke or keep the priority for a possible bigger player to come up ?

I’m honestly in the same boat right now and was consider keke or Sutton for playoffs. But Sutton is only a go if sanders or Thomas gets traded. While keke is dealing with a hamstring so I’m torn :sweat_smile:

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Just a don’t want to lose out on keke if he’s bk healthy and the opportunity is there but I don’t want to burn a waiver on a guy that might not even get picked up and get for free and I might not even start unless going be a upside wr2

Yeah as a now ex fuller owner i am concerned about the same thing.
I have two solid wr for most weeks (AJ and woods), but i need a short term solution and future flex option
I have funchess who has easy matchups, but dont really trust him as a wr2.

i figure keke or kirk would be good options.
I also am considering packaging Olsen with collins to go after a back-up te and a wr.
not sure what to do from here