Kelce Auction Value?

10 team. Could he go in the $40’s? Charts are saying that is his value but I don’t see him going that high in most 10 teams.

He went for $30 in mine last season. Great year but almost no value. Pretty much paying costs. At $40 or more though, he would have to outperform last year which I don’t see happening. I would cringe paying that much for a TE. Even Gronk in his prime.

How much would you pay. $30, 35…I think 35 is pushing it.

Here are 3 sites projections for 10 team leagues.

But honestly with how my auction leagues have gone I don’t see him goin above $36 dollars…

Me personally $31 is the highest I’ll pay and anything under $30 is forsure a steal

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I think $30 is reasonable. Really no value but barring injury, a strong team anchor at a position where there aren’t many. $30 maybe a few dollars of value.