Kelce/Brady for L. Jackson/D. Waller

The title says it.

I would be giving up Kelce/Brady to get L. Jackson/D. Waller. PPR league - Keeper

My team right now:
QB - Brady, Carr, Wentz
RB - Barkley, C. Thompson, W. Gallman
WR - Hopkins, McLaurin, M. Jones, L. Fitzgerald, T. Williams
TE - Kelce, J. Graham


yup… do it

I couldn’t make this trade. Kelce is by far the best player. Waller is a moderate downgrade currently, but I would think Waller’s current target share will be the highest of his career because there just isn’t anyone else in OAK to catch the ball.

I would keep Kelce. You’re getting a minor upgrade at QB for more than a minor downgrade at TE

Sorry, I had to yell…

Thanks for the input.

Out of the lineup shown, who could I trade to try for L. Jackson?

Yelling is ok. Gets the point across. haha.

I’d package Brady or Wentz with a WR (MJones or Fritz). Really cannot give input without seeing their roster/needs. FYI:

Week 4 Trade Values - CBS Sports