Kelce & D. Murray for D. Martin & Reed

What’s up y’all. I’m in a 20 team PPR. I was offered Travis Kelce and Demarco Murray for Doug Martin and Jordan Reed. My best back I’ve got is Mixon and need a RBs bad. Take this offer?

I don’t trust Demarco. Dinged up and Derek Henry just waiting in the wings. Unless you are a Henry owner, I would pass.

I will say that Kelce is an upgrade from Reed (in my opinion). So the trade is close.

Martin might turn out great. I’d be careful with this. Maybe give it another week to see what demarco does.

idk its early to tell… I also own reed and d martin, i think that reed will start going when cousins does (counsins is a slow starter) i have high hopes for d martin… i wouldnt do this trade.