Kelce Draft Price

Whats the earliest you’re willing to take Travis Kelce in a 10 team 1 PPR league?

Pick 2.01 :wink:

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I’d go late in the 2nd

I second this strategy. The less people in the league, the more I think Kelce’s value goes up.

This is the decision I think I’ll have to make. The pod has made a big deal out of the advantage of drafting kelce in 10 team leagues, wasn’t sure how I felt selecting him in the top 12 picks though

Not that I like locking in any player in any round… If I can start with an elite RB, then draft Kelce - I’m happy. It appears there is a ton of WR depth this year.

I have pick 1. Doubt Kelce comes to me on my 2.10 turn. LOL if he does im picking him up