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Kelce dynasty value

In considering trying to work a deal for Kareem hunt. The only asset that I figure would get the job done is kelce. How would you guys structure that trade? What would you ask for?

You could easily get that done for a lot less, but if you’re cool with trading away Kelce I think you can get a lot more than just Hunt. What other players/picks does the other team have?

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and who do you have?

QB: Wentz, goff, minshew, big ben
RB: Dalvin, Chubb, singletary, howard, and Boston Scott, jk Dobbins
WR:aj Brown, Allen Robinson, juju, Brandon cooks, Terry mclaurin, Preston williams, zach mecole hardman,
kelce, goedert, ebron
Ravens, titans, raiders
His team:
Watson, Ryan, trubisky, Mayfield, Murray
RB:saquon, hunt, Mack, thompson, brown, Cohen, Samuels, Montgomery
WR: Adams, chark, Gallup, metcalf, Washington, Watkins
Henry, fant, dissly
Eagles, Steelers, miners, browns.
He’s flat not interested in kelce. He wants two RBs for hunt. He offered cook, and singletary for hunt. I’m not really sure where to go after that. Part of me wants to offer Howard and singletary for hunt and a 3rd… But in not sure

Dude, Hunt is no where near as valuable as what he’s asking for. Any player that you’re going to need to sit and wait on… potentially for a whole year, to have be consistently viable is not worth two starting RBs. I would literally never trade Kelce straight up for Hunt, this guy is straight up delusional.
I will add that I have some bias here as a Chubb fanatic. I can see that Hunt is good and there is the chance that he is relevant. I just have a hard time seeing him being a full time workhorse back unless he either leaves Cleveland or Chubb gets injured. I’m not paying a premium for the hope that these things happen.

What drugs is he on? He thinks he can trade you hunt, you give him Cook and you’re the one who still needs to throw in more? That’s absolutely absurd. Cook is in a much better situation than Hunt and is valued as a top 3RB by a lot of people this year. If Hunt’s situation doesn’t change he might be lucky to be an RB2.

That’s how I felt. We had valued him so differently that we couldn’t get the deal done.

That’s going to happen. I’d walk away for find a different player that you guys can agree on in terms of value. You seem stacked at WR. Does he want one of those guys?

I don’t think so. He is looking to shore up his RBs

You may be able to trade Cooks for Hunt straight up. Kelce is way too valuable.

I would be willing to talk about brandin cooks for hunt. He wanted Dalvin cook. That, to me is a bit overvalued

Thats wild…

I would not consider trading Dalvin Cook… hunt is miles behind him.

Id be going Hunt + 3 first Round picks for Dalvin… but why even do that.