Kelce for DJ?

Is this too good to be true? Was just offered by the dj owner. 12 man .5ppr. Rbs are gurley Howard Conner Carson Breida and white

Why are you even on here asking? Go and take it wtf lol.

I don’t think it’s quite such an easy decision. Kelce is one of a few TE’s you can start every week.

DJ’s ability is going to be sunk by the Cardinals offense IMO. He was outperformed by plenty of RB’s today.

That’s how I feel, however it still seems like a no brainer.

Take. The. Trade.

I agree DJ is a worry not because of him, but because the team sucks and the coaches are idiots. However, they played @ the rams in an away game against one of the leagues best defenses. It will revert to the mean, I would rather have DJ over Kelce ROS.

Unless you expect Mahomes to put up 6 TD every game and Kelce to just beast 2 TD every game and consistently play vs the leagues worst defenses all season.