Kelce for McKinnon

Dynasty Team. Lost Guice for the year. Other starters are Collins, Drake, Burkhead

Who is your other te?

Absolutely not

Gesicki, Brate

Yea I’d probably keep kelce because he’s on a whole nother level at that position


Kelce is TE1 at best, TE3 at worst. McKinnon is RB12 at best. Unstartable at worst.

Pretty easy decision. You can get a way better RB than that for McKinnon. Hell you could probably sell high on the Gesicki hype to get a cheaper RB who probably performs as well or better than McKinnon this year.

I had similar feelings about the trade, that’s why I was looking for advice. My question is, why is McKinnon constantly getting drafted mid 2nd round while Kelce is mid to back of 3rd if he’s the must keep better player?

Because people are dreamers. And blind to the fact that he just isn’t a good RB. Totally infatuated with just the fact that he’s playing for Shannahan and got a big contract which SF can opt out of after 1 year with not much cost. People are drafting McKinnon at his ceiling. If you want to pay for his ceiling, be my guest but I’m happy to pass.

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