Kelce/Godwin/Lindsay for Dalvin Cook?

I’m 6-1-1 in my money league, half-PPR, 8 team. I’m starting to stash for the playoffs, and I’m wanting to add Cook to my roster to go along with CMC and Fournette. My other WR’s are Tyrell Williams, Robby Anderson, A.J. Green, and D.K. Metcalf pending waivers. No backup TE, but Herndon, Njoku, and Vance are all on waivers and I feel ok about the streaming options because it’s an 8 team league. The WR hole is dicey, but all of my guys have favorable matchups over the next 6 weeks or so, and the 3 RB1’s on my roster would make up for the lack of a true WR1 I feel. Lemme know what you all think, whether you’d accept it, if there’s a different offer you’d make, or if I should stay the course with my current roster. Thanks for any help!

I am probably a no on this. You are making your WR very thin and taking a huge step back at TE. So while you are upgrading 1 position you are downgrading at two others. Cook is great, but I think that if all 3 of those RB’s don’t produce every week your team is going to be in trouble.

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Yeah, for sure. It’s just that WR’s are a dime a dozen, I could play the matchups and Kelce gets tougher matchups down the stretch. Having all three of those guys, especially CMC and Cook, they essentially are matchup-proof. I dunno, the guy probably won’t accept it, because he’s in third place right now lol.

I would agree WR3/Flex WR’s are a dime a dozen. I don’t think guys like Godwin are a dime a dozen. He was the overall #1 WR until this week. Do I expect him to finish there, no, but do I expect him to finish top 10 yes. You are basically turning to 3 guys who are a coin flip and Tyrell who has been solid this year, but is very injury prone. Who knows what AJ Green will be when he comes back, DK is completely TD dependent, and Robby has a great schedule but has shown very little this year. I wouldn’t want to roll with that WR core.

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You are also trading away a top 3 TE and hoping that Herndon, Njoku, or McDonald produce. I trust none of them. Herndon hasn’t even played a down, Njoku is coming back to a trainwreck of a team, and who knows when he comes back, and McDonald has done next to nothing this year and has a backup QB.

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Yeah, I definitely see what you mean. There could be another guy that emerges down the stretch, but I should just stick with my known commodities and not try to guess who the league-winning WR off of waivers is. Losing the consistency of Kelce and Godwin would not be fun. I guess I’m looking more at the advantageous matchups of those TE’s/WR’s off of waivers more than talent and opportunity.