Kelce in the 2nd?

I’m drafting in the 7 spot in my 10 team full PPR league. If one of the top 5 RB fall to me I’ll grab them or a top WR in the 1st. A lot of stud WR are still available with the 2nd pick but Kelce offers such a huge week-to-week advantage over whoever I face.


In a 10 man league, I love Kelce even more. Reason being in 10 team leagues, all the teams are going to be pretty stacked with minimal weaknesses so winning positional advantages becomes that much more important. And there isn’t a single player that gives you a bigger positional advantage than Kelce. If you can get him in the 2nd, that would be huge. This is also one of the rare scenarios where I would be willing to take a QB early to acquire the Mahomes/Kelce stack.

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Yeah, I’m not usually huge on Kelce’s spot but if you can grab a top RB in the first and then get him in the late-2nd…that could be worth it. You can fill out your WR spots and RB2 in the mid-rounds.

I personally would try and grab a RB or WR there and try to grab Kittle with your next pick… but I can’t blame you for Kelce there because of the late-round turnaround.