Kelce & Kittle

What you guys think of that ?

In a 12 team, full ppr, 22 players roster, dynasty league.

As my starters, i have ->

A. Rodger
Kenny G
Pettis or Robby

Then for the TE spot and the flex spot ->
I have Kelce and Kittle

Should i trade, one of them (i think of Kelce for the dynasty perspective of Kittle) ?

Or should i go at least this all season with both of them and try to sell one of them for 2020 season ?

What would you ask for, in a trade for one of them ?

Ps : Doyle is my 3rd TE.

THX a lot for your (always precious) help FootClan !!!

Unless you have a league that has 2 TE starting spots or TE premium league… I would look to move one, you can get a significant haul for either player. I wouldn’t lock yourself into trading 1 or the other, instead find out what you league is interested in giving you then make you decision based on the package rather then the particular player. I also would add dont settle on deal just to move one wait for the right deal to be submitted even if it means waiting through part of the season…you have a huge advantage in dynasty holding 2 of the top 3 TE.

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Yeah you totally right… I was planning to be patient to see wich best offer i will receive.

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Whatever you decide… know your buying and selling windows. Sell Vets in season, buy in off season. Buy young players in season, sell off season.

Kelce makes most sense to put on the block; you’re going to receive the better offers for him, and Kittle has a little longer term outlook for the dynasty format.

Also, I expect you’ll receive some odd offers, and I think it’s important to counter even the weakest offers to keep the dialog moving forward with as many teams as possible.

I like to be upfront when moving a big asset that I’m open for business, and let the bidders worry about being the best offer… if they know there’s competition, you’re first offer is very unlikely to be your best offer.

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THX awesome advises from you all !