Kelce/Mopportunity for D. Cook Redraft Guaranteed Trade

I could trade Travis Kelce and David Montgomery to get Dalvin Cook. I have Vance on my bench and Run CMC as my RB1. Also have Ekeler and Singletary on the bench. I’m undefeated so far. This trade would be accepted as I’ve already talked to the other guy and he said he would accept if offered. Should I pull the trigger? Thanks for any help/advice!

I wouldnt. Kelce is a massive difference maker in leagues where you need a TE and sounds like you are pretty solid at RB. hard to say no to Cook though. Since you are undefeated maybe look at going after Hill or Barkley since you wouldnt have to give up so much and can afford to wait on the return

That’s definitely a good idea. I’ve looked at it a bit, but the wait for injury kinda scares me tbh. Who would you flip for both Saquon and Hill?

I would try really anyone off you bench or ekeler. Or any combo of 2 of those people. Depends on how the person holding hill or Barkley is doing at this point. If they are desperate you can probably get a steal. maybe a Moore/Ekeler combo?

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The guy who has Barkley is 0-3 and has Conner/Mixon, so I sent him a Moore/Ekeler offer. Guy who has Hill is 2-2 and has no WR depth, so I sent him a McLaurin/Josh Gordon offer. We shall see!

might get both accepted ha. Hill for McLaurin and Gordon is a good offer both ways.

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Hill offer got rejected, but I’ll try and see if I can figure something out.

yeah I mean it is just totally dependent on the owner. Hill can be hard to let go of at this point because it seems like he will be back soon and was the wr1 last year. Good luck!!

For sure. Thanks for all of your help!