Kelce or A. Jones

I can keep 2 players but give up my pick from the round they were drafted. I have McCaffrey (drafted in round 2) and Kelce (acquired via trade) who was also picked in the second round. I plan to keep McCaffrey. I keep Kelce I will lose my picks from rounds 1 and 2. My other option is to keep A. Jones whom I drafted in the 10th.

A Jones in the 10th easily. Kelce in the 2nd is basically at ADP. Ajones in the 10th is about 6-7 rounds of value. I personally have A Jones as a 10th round keeper in my league and I am jumping out of my socks. And now that he’s back in camp, can’t be more excited. Just gotta cross your fingers he holds up for the season given injury risk but at a 10th round cost, you’re not really taking on much risk. With CMC/A Jones as your Rb1/2 combo, you’re in a great spot. A locked in top 3 RB and someone who easily has top 5 upside should things go his way.


So you only lose a 10th rounder if you keep Aaron? Do that.

You can find another TE. But it’s not every day that potential top 5 RB value falls to the the 10th round.

Not only is Jones back in camp, his missed practices were precautionary. He’s going to be a part of the passing game and the coach is raving about his talent.

Thanks for the input. I set CMC and Jones as my keepers. Feel like that will be a good 1-2 punch and still have a 1st rd pick at the 5th slot for a top tier WR.