Kelce or Ertz?

Im 3-4 in my league so I gotta have at least a minor shake up.

I have Kelce, Ertz, and Jared Cook at TE
and my WR squad is Tyreke Hill, Michael Thomas, and Nelson Agholor.

The Trade Offered to Me is:
D. Hopkins and Hunter Henry for Michael Thomas and Kelce Ertz

Kelce and Ertz have the same Bye week and if I get Hopkins Ill have 2 of the Top 3 WRs.

If I dont do the trade, I can just keep one at TE and the other in Flex. Thoughts?

Kelce/Ertz not trading both I mean lol

I’m a Kelce owner and would rather have Ertz. He’s the primary option every week.

Be careful of Hopkins playoff schedule. He’s been great though, and would be willing to.move Kelce for him, especially while owning Hill. I’d try to move Kelce and stream TE during Ertz’s bye instead of getting a TE back.

Think other team would bite offering Kelce + Agholar for Hopkins? It’s just I don’t know how much you’d be gaining by giving up Thomas as well. Id prefer Hopkins but Thomas isn’t that far behind, and I think Thomas’s end of season is pretty sweet.

Keep ertz one of the best TE right now

Couldn’t agree more. I have Ertz myself and he’s been a rock (8-14 pts in every game). The Eagles put on a show on the Monday Night game, and Ertz was a big part of it. I’d need a lot in return to part with him.