Kelce or Mixon?

I get two keepers, and I’m already keeping Gurley with one, so I’m deciding between Kelce and Mixon. Earlier it looked pretty clear that I should be keeping Kelce, but Mixon has been moving up the ADP. Thoughts?

What do you lose if you keep kelce or mixon?

A third round pick(for both). Keeping Gurley is costing me my 4th overall pick, which is a-okay by me.

Mixon. He’s an RB1 and did great once he took over as lead back last year. Kelce has injury concerns and you might be able to get him in the 4th anyway. Mixon will be gone by then

I’d prob go mixon then… You are saving like 1/2 a round on mixon…

Kelce is 3.9 adp so not much value… But if you would normally take a TE in round 3 you might as well lock him up. I am a person who waits in TE so I’d never take or keep kelce unless he was in round 6 or later

I don’t think you can really just state Mixon being RB1 as a fact. I love mixon’s talent but I’m also not blinded by his situation. Bengals absolutely garbage o-line, horrible coaching and terrible game script. Everyone assumes and acts like Mixon is a bell cow. He isn’t. Bernard isn’t going anywhere.

And where are you getting this Kelce injury concerns from? In his 4 years in the league, he’s missed 1 game. If you’re referring to concussion he got last year, where he missed half a game, I’d say Mixon’s risk is even higher. Missed multiple games last year to concussion during which time Gio proved he was more than capable.

Mixon looked okay but his advanaced metrics still gave me some concerns in terms of elusiveness / broken tackles, yards after catch and contact etc. And in the spurt where Gio took over while he was out, bernard was actually more efficient than mixon was. Now I believe Mixon is far more talented, but these risks can’t just be swept under the rug. Especially for a keeper league where you are keeping him in the 3rd.

I’m more than fine with keeping Mixon here given Kelce is basically at value but let’s pull stuff out of thin air here.

Oh, you know what, you’re absolutely right about the injuries and # of games. For some reason I had a Zach Miller timeline in my head.

My big argument for Mixon is that he wasn’t utilized nearly to the point that he should have been last year, and he still ended up being the RB 32. Gio isn’t going anywhere, but he’s also not their starter. Mixon had 30 receptions and over 900 all-purpose yards. Kelce had 1045.

For the cost, I’d go Mixon all day. Plus, I personally value TEs much lower than RB

You gotta MIXon it up. Pass on kelce he has

  1. New qb
  2. Sammy walkins eatn up targets
  3. A hungry Kareem Hunt who will steal TDs.

Last year will be Kelces best career season ever, all down hill now.