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Kelce or Reed


Who is better in non ppr


this may be my homer comin out but… KELCE BABY!

but for real, that offense runs through him (at least as long as smith is there, might change with mahomes) we are talking about a TE who is hitting 80 receptions for over 1000 yards pretty easy. now i get what people will say, its standard and he doesnt score TDs. that was before. before we had actual threats to take peoples attention off of him in the redzone. i mean hell, even with hill only really showing up after game 6, he still increaded his redzone looks from 13 to 18, and his 10zone looks from 3 to 7. that may not seem like a ton, but add 6 more games in, with a more complete offense (odd thing to say i know since we lost maclin) and you have a guy who will probably hit 8-10 TDs instead of his 4 or 5. i mean jordan reed really hasnt had that many stellar TD years anyway, he went 3, 0, 11, 6. that year with 11, yeah thats nice… but thats 1 year. kelce will stay healthy and produce. so for me its kelce hands down.


I think Rule 86 still applies, which says that when Jordan Reed is playing, you start him. And if both were playing, I would probably start Reed over Kelce.

That being said, the problem is with the WHEN Reed is playing part. He’s always banged up and has ongoing concussion issues. Those get worse over time, not better. I would 100% draft Kelce over Reed, Kelce is so much safer. I also think Kelce will be the prime beneficiary of Maclin’s departure. I don’t know that I’m as enthusiastic as @BusterD here, but I expect a fine season.


Take what I say about chiefs players with a grain of salt. I’m a homer through and through so I expect a lot from my boys. In all honestly I’m worried about this season and how we will produce. All goes according to plan, and you very well may see an offense that explodes . If it goes as bad as I fear… shudder I don’t even want to think about going bacl to the 2007 days.