Kelce replacement needed due to Covid

:foot: Clan, I need your help! 10 team STD

With Newton testing positive, I need to find a TE replacement for Kelce in case the game is moved to Tuesday or cancelled entirely.

Should I commit to picking up Schultz (10am , Sun)?

Or do I hold out hope that the Chiefs get pushed to Monday, and pick up Tonyan as the insurance policy in the event they don’t? (Packers play Monday night, so I could pivot to Tongan if the league decides to push the Chiefs game to Tuesday or beyond)

I would snag tonyan… if kelce is playing you gotta have him in there and this gives you as much time possible to make your decision. tonyan isn’t a terrible start either if it comes down to it.

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I picked up hurst, his owner rage dropped him, for my Kelce backup so yea I’d take tonyan

So the Titans game was “postponed” super early in the week with a “Monday/Tuesday tag and every day someone new has tested positive. Do you honestly think that this NE/KC game is gonna get played in less the 72hrs from initial diagnosis. Give me one possible positive outcome the NFL could have by jamming travel and a game on Monday/Tuesday. Talk about a PR nightmare. C’mon now…use your head.

With that said, Shultz would be my pick

This did not age well - though I can’t fault you for assuming the NFL would act with logic and decency.

But not only did the game go on as anticipated, but Tonyan Harding outperformed both of our preferred options .

Thankfully still won the week and hoping to flip his performance for a trade