Kelce Trade, Fair Offer?

the guy with Kelce is in dire need of an RB. I have Kamara swift CPatt and Javonte Williams. Was thinking of offering Waller + Javonte for Kelce. Thoughts?

Full PPR

Seems fair, but you might need to be prepared to pay up to CPatt or Swift.

Kelce was probably his first or second pick

he was his first pick. Dont think I would do it if I had to move up to either of those guys as I am fine with my current team:
QB - Burrow
WRs (start 3) - Terry, DJ, Deebo, Pittman, Marvin Jones, Jeudy, Shenault
RBs - above
TE - Waller, Cox

Not sure if I would be better off staying put or moving up with Kelce and use one of those other WRs as my flex…