Kelce Trade Price

Was offered Kelce for Doug Baldwin and Josh Gordon. My current TE is Jack Doyle. Would that be giving up too much? Full PPR 1 keeper league. I know Baldwin & Gordon is likely too much. Help me with a reasonable offer.

My Roster:
David Johnson
M. Gordon

J Gordon
E Sanders
C Thompson
Duke Johnson

Def too much don’t do that trade.

Fitz and Baldwin are in the same rounds kelce is going… And that what I judge all trades pre season… Once the season starts ADP goes out the window on trades.

So if he really wants a 2-1…
I’d do fitz/baldwin and c. Thompson/duke
And see what he says

Your def deeper at WR but I like your WR Better than backup RB so that is why I am holding on to them for now

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wouldn’t do that trade.

just want to see how the KC Offense plays out in Regular Season…so many weapons and for me the only really safe one is hunt!
as for the trade either one Fitz/Baldwin and Baldwin/Gordon is too much. the gap between Doyle and Kelce is there but IMO not as big that would justify to trade away these combos. I think you can get more for your WRs

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Agree with the above points, not a good trade. Much prefer to have Baldwin and Gordon to Kelce. we really need to see how KC plays out on offense, trading for Kelce at his value with Alex Smith and what he has done in the past is a mistake, he’s too good a player to be a true bust but if you trade/draft him thinking he’ll be the number 2 TE and he ends up having some inconsistency and winds up the number 5 or lower on the year that’s a bust given his cost.

If anything i’d be looking to swap some WR depth for RB depth but if i couldn’t find a deal i like i’m not forcing it, i like your team. Newton, DJ, Gordon, Fitz, Baldwin as the core will be solid with top 5 upside bar Fitz at their positions and if Gordon is really Flash Gordon and if Mixon gets to be at least a consistent RB2 and has some good weeks you’ll be in contention


Thanks for all the input! Think I will sit and wait until I see how each player performs. Doyle has been receiving the lions share of targets from Luck. I would’ve like more RB depth in the draft, but I was getting incredible value on Baldwin (6th rd) Gordon (8th) Jeffery (10th). I am very comfortable with my 3 rbs and believe all have top 15 potential.

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