Kelce trade value or hold

I’m currently 5-3 and could be 5-4 after tonight depending how things go. We have a 1 team keeper league and someone wants Kelce as his season is pretty much done (3-6 after today). Should I trade Kelce or should I keep him for my playoff push, assuming I make playoffs.

My roster:
Henry, Monty, Mattison, Kelley, Edwards, Coleman (IR), Pollard (dropping for upcoming week).
AJ Brown, Tee Higgins, Antonio Brown, Slayton

His roster:
DJ, Fournette, Singletary, White, Lindsey, Bernard, Gallman
Amari Cooper, Robby Anderson, Crowder, AJ Green


I’m in the boat of possibly trading for Kelce. My concern would be Chiefs possibly sitting players by that point? My stupid league has the week 17 championship to boot…

If the Chiefs were sitting guys, then Kelce might have more value as trade bait than a playoff dude. Not sure. Then again, in your case, you might need more wins to make the dance, so it might be good in the short term to keep Kelce too.

I don’t really like many guys on your potential trade partner’s team. Amari might be in trouble without Dak and as a manager of Anderson, he’s been falling off a bit for me.

Lol yeah I agree. His roster doesn’t help me at all as I have decent depth with WR.

We stop at 16 if I remember correctly. I’m one of 5 tied for 5-3. I think 3 of them won for sure and the other guy is my opponent so it comes down to tonight’s matchup.

Yeah, damn. I can see why that guy is 3-6. Of course, Lamar might have something to do with that as well.

I think you hold, honestly. At least, I don’t see a viable, valuable trade with this particular manager.


Worst part is he took Lamar super early in the draft because someone else would have. I took Kelce 2 spots after him lol.

Yeah I told him no. It hurts me more than it helps me.

I, personally, would hold on Kelce.

He is the only consistent fantasy TE in the dumpster fire of a position this year.

Unless someone comes at you with an offer you cant refuse, keep Kelce. Dont not pass go, do not collect $200.

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Thank you. Yeah I’m not trading him at this point in the season. I would have earlier in the year as I was looking for an RB2. Ended up trading Chark for Monty and been doing okay since.