Kelce trade?

Trade offer is to trade Kelce and Robby Anderson and get Michael Thomas and Jared Cook

I would be skeptical of it without seeing who your other WR’s are??? Was Robby Anderson going to be a starter for you?

I’m not making that trade if I was you. You’ve got a pretty good receiving corps already with potential for break out and depth on the bench. I think Kelce is too valuable with your roster makeup.

Any area you feel I should try to improve or wait to see how season is going?

I think i would sit pat. The points you’d get from Kelce will be comparable to the points Thomas gets as Kelce is just far and away the best at the position now. Jared Cook is a total question mark on that offense where i think Anderson could be the true 1 for the Jets right now.

I think it’s a slight downgrade to make this trade so i’d advise against it.

Your strength is certainly receivers (WR & TE). Running backs is where I’d look through the waiver wire and here’s why…

Saquon- no complaints there (obviously)
Sony/Jones- I love them for the fact that if they can stay healthy they will be dominant! We’ll see what the Packers do this year to get Jones more involved! If they stay healthy your depth at RB will not matter besides on bye weeks.
Tevin/Murray- I think these guys are big question marks right now, both with new teams. You’ve got Tevin who could be a capable back but has Breida chomping at his heels. I’m not convinced that Tevin is better than Breida.

If I were you at this point, I think I’d drop your Defense (Steelers week 1) granted their schedule is much more favorable after that. But I’d look to roster a RB who we main learn about his workload in the next week. Someone like a Miles Sanders, Pollard, Darwin Thompson, AP, Justin Jackson??? Not sure how big of a league you’re in but I could foresee many of those guys outperforming Murray or Coleman. I’m just not sold on either of those 2 guys. That’s being pretty nitpicky but my advice.

I’d keep The Kelce side. I’d need JuJu or better for that trade to work since Kelce > Thomas and Anderson > Cook.