Kelce vs Allen Keeper

Ten Team Standard Scoring league - Draft order not set until draft day

I can keep Kelce in Round 2 or Josh Allen in Round 11. Some view this as an easy pick for Allen…

Waller is being kept in the 5th by another owner. Given how easy a “Good” QB is to find in a 1QB league, who would you take?

Allen for an 11th is hard to pass up.

However, in a 10-team league having an elite TE is a huge advantage. Kelce for a 2nd is still good value as he generally goes in the 1st round.

You can still find a QB1 in the later rounds without giving up Kelce.


Thanks for the response! I figure I can always gauge interest to see if anyone wants to swap draft spots (esp. in the case that I get a late 1st round pick and some of the owners with the 1st few picks might be wary of injuries) to maximize his keeper value

I guess the good news is that it’s a good problem to have, just hard to imagine turning down Allen in the 11th. I’m sure my league-mates will give me some grief