Kelce's Market

12 Team, Full PPR, ESPN standard roster size.

I have been offered
Kittle, Hollywood for Kelce

Should I do this, I do need someone I could plug in at my wr2 spot while I wait on AJ, however I think Kelce is almost a lock for 15-20 points a week especially with Hill out. I realize Hollywood is generating a lot of buzz around all of fantasy football, yet I am not sure I see him a reliable enough piece for me to downgrade from Kelce to Kittle.

I also have Waller and Hockenson and am in talks to potentially move Waller for Godwin or TY.

Should I take Kittle and Hollywood or hold Kelce and pursue a better offer?

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If you can move Waller for Godwin or TY that would be a huge win.

Is this league TE premium? Assume redraft.

I’m good with Kittle and M. Brown (WR) for Kelce.

Yes redraft league. No TE premium, Waller and Hockenson were undrafted lol. I grabbed Waller prior to week 1 with the hope that he would be good trade bait, and Hockenson after week 1. Waivers were pretty dry when it came to rbs and wrs

If I were to do the Kittle and Hollywood for Kelce trade
my wrs would be : Adams, AJ Green, Hollywood, Jones Jr

Would Kerryon be a better potential grab for Waller or stick to pursuit of Godwin/TY
My Rbs: Carson, Michel, Montgomery, Sanders(Philly), Justin Jackson

I realize Kerryon would leave me with 3 Lions player lol, but I could potentially flip one of the 3 in the future.

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