Kelley/Crowder for ARob/J.Rob

I’m getting offer James Robinson and Allen Robinson for Joshua Kelley and Jamison Crowder. Yes or no?

James Robinson and Joshua Kelley could end up being a wash and Allen Robinson should be tiers above Crowder rest of season, even in a PPR. I would definitely do it.

Definitely take the trade. I’d bet Jrob finishes above Kelley easily this season. And ARob is leaps and bounds above Crowder

I think we have a close idea of the Kelley role do you think Armstead or Ozigboo steal Carrie’s once back?

I think he has established himself in the role. He may see a couple carries lost once the backups are healthy but if he keeps impressing then I think they will keep giving him the ball. I think he is the starter and Armstead and Ozigboo are the true backups.