Kelley for Edelman?

Half ppr league.
My team:
Rbs: Cook, A Jones, Montgomery, Gibson and Kelley
Wrs: Golladay, Kupp, Chark, Green and Davis

I’m tilting with my wrs and have been trying to upgrade to the position.
Got offered Lamb for Kelley. Should I do it? Or should I ask for a bit more?

If you want Lamb, yeah you’re fine to make that trade.It’s an even deal.

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I rejected the trade and he offered edelman for Kelley. I’m thinking of accepting, as I have cam to pair with him. What do you think? Should I?

Well I ended up accepting it. Kelley for Edelman. Did I won the trade? I would appreciate any input as I’m trying to learn to assess value in a trade by myself.

On week 2 numbers maybe… but If Harry turns out to be the main man later in the season, Kelley have have been the keeper

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It’s an even trade.

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