Kelly or Ballage?

I lost Hunt and Aaron Jones. My remaining rbs are Kerryon and Damien Williams.


Rams want their bye, and theyre slipping. The Rams also signed Anderson today, so I am banking on a shared backfield if he sits.

Ballage got more volume than Drake after Gore went down

No way is CJ Anderson ready this week if Gurley sits. Brown is done for the season. Davis has a hurt shoulder. This backfield will belong to Kelly if Gurley doesn’t go.

Ballage has a clearer path if you are having to guess what will happen moving forward before waivers.

Ballage or Adams as a flex? I have Josh jackson as a droppable player and am thinking of going after Ballage or Mcguire.
Blue and Kelly are also avaliable.

I have 1 acquistion left. Do you go after one of the sure fire starters (real football) or hold out and try and snipe blue or kelly?

If I know a guy is in line I try to get them. Adams I like except he left twice during the last game. He’s been dealing with a shoulder for a few weeks I think. Ballage and McGuire both stand to get 15+ touches, Blue too if Miller doesn’t go but Miller’s ankle sounds minor so monitor that situation.

Kelly if I am Gurley owner right now.

Great Analysis thank you.

I am not the Gurley owner (took him down in quarters)

Sounds good. I have last waiver priority so i got enough to go off here with pickups. thanks

Definitely go with the Bellagio younger back getting his opportunity to shine and was drafted to become the #1 RB for Miami… Plus you add the addition of CJ Anderson in the mix for the Rams go with the sure fire guy who will get the touches I think Gase doesn’t believe in Drake either due to his injury concerns.

All of ya’ll are way overstating CJ Anderson. He’s been trash this year. Couldn’t catch on with a Raiders team that needed a RB two weeks ago. He joins a team. Doesn’t know the offense and suddenly he’s going to cut into an incumbent’s work load massively? NO. Remember when we did this with Carlos Hyde a month or two ago?

CJ is going to be an emergency type depth play. He’s not going to know a McVay playbook in 4-5 days.
Gurley (banged up) Brown (IR), Davis (banged up). Kelly has a shot at a heavy work load if Gurley sits even if CJ comes in garbage time and pounds it a few times to run out the clock because they have a good lead.