Kelvin Benjamin droppable?

I’m heading into playoffs, my WR situation is not great
-Jordy, Golladay, Josh Gordon, DeVante Parker, and Kelvin

is Kelvin Benjamin droppable?

Josh Reynolds and DeDe Westbrook available on waivers

my league is 14 team .5 pt PPR

Im feeling the same way, I held onto him in hopes that he would still be productive. But with the Bills being the Bills and benching Taylor then starting him again plus Benjamins injury I am sure if I want to hold onto him or just replace him with Zay Jones available in my league. If you need someone to fill a spot or think Dede or Reynolds will get points I would drop Kelvin for one of them since he currently is getting zero.

Yea, I don’t think he will be shut down for the year with this injury, he’ll wait till off-season to fix. Just unsure how much a torn meniscus will drop his production.

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