Kelvin Benjamin rest of season?

I was looking for a debate or discussion on Kelvin Benjamin rest of season. Is he a fantasy WR1 or WR2? It’s only been one week which is why I am looking for thoughts.

Thanks #FootClan !

I picked up Benjamin before the trade and thought I had a gem. When the trade happened I thought it might be an even better situation given the lack of good receivers in Buffalo. But the analysis I’ve heard is that Benjamin isn’t good enough to get much separation and Tyrod Taylor is a less accurate passer than Cam so he still doesn’t figure to be a real great option. I’m hoping they figure out how to use him best and Taylor builds a rapport with him. His playoff schedule is one of the best so for that reason alone I want to keep him around.

I have him, too. Buffalo just doesn’t really look to throw to WRs. In Carolina, KB was a low-end WR1 in his best weeks and a pretty solid WR2 the rest of the time. He also had a low floor in Carolina. I think he’s gonna be a similar value in Buffalo, with a slightly lower floor with Tyrod as opposed to a healthy Cam. Also keep in mind that this wasn’t the week to judge him in his new home. The Saints are straight smothering ppl out there.