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Kelvin to BUFFALO!?!?! OUCH!


THoughts? WOW!


Oh no that means he probably wont play this week.


Definitely not playing this week I bet. However, given it’s buffalo, it does provides major upside for future weeks.


I would have to disagree on the upside. A WR entering a new offense half way into the season has to be a downgrade. Look what it did to Watkins.


Good news for Funchess owners!


For real. I did not even know he was on the block lol


I literally almost traded funchess


As a Benjamin owner, I’m scared. If I was a Funchess owner, I would be excited.


As a Benjamin owner I’m panicked. A core WR where I needed to play 2 with Hopkins, Benjamin and Diggs was killer. After Diggs being hurt/ignored i was down to benjamin. Now i’m gonna be flying on Watkins and Corey Davis this week. FML


After Funchess got me 2pts last week, I was about to drop him lol


I think it shows allot to how they feel about Funchess going forward and alos Greg Olsen! Kelvin will be fine. He is reuniting with his old coach in Car. and Tyrod has a great deep ball!


Damn I just traded for Kelvin


I am gonna hold fast on Benjamin, I think his value drops in the Bills offense though. He was an every week starter for me, now he is in the flex/bench realm…


this is my issue. Now i have to hope to god either corey davis was the smart streamer or that diggs gets back to form.


Are you guys sticking with Funchess or selling high right now ?


I would not sell Funchess. He will be the only stud in town! He will be a Target machine!!!


Is there any likelihood that he’ll play this week?

Does this upgrade Tyrod for the upcoming weeks?


Tyrod does get an upgrade with Benjamin in the mix but I dont think he produces right out the gate.


I would say he plays this week because he is familiar with the coaching staff and this is a huge upgrade for Tyrod! Matthews to me is a great stash as well being used to the #1 role things will start to open up for him.


Agreed, it usually takes time for a QB and WR to build up their chemistry