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Kenan Allen for Ty Montgomery or Diggs for Mixon


I’m in desperate need of a RB.

My RBs: DJ, Woodhead, Riddick and Cohen
My WRs: Baldwin, K. Allen, Diggs, Garcon and JJ Nelson
MY TEs: Ertz, Ebron

Should I give up Allen for Montgomery or Diggs for Mixon?

I’m Also being offered Isaiah Crowell, Kyle Rudolph and Buck Allen for Cohen and Diggs…


Since you are absolutely desperate I would do these trades in this order.

  1. Allen for Montgomery (Allen is injury risk)
  2. Diggs for Mixon
  3. The other one.


No way a Montgomery owner is taking Allen for him. I think diggs is worth more than the unproven mixon. I get you desperately need an RB so think about trading diggs for an RB1 (maybe package for one)


I think your best bet is to try and sweet talk your way into getting Montgomery for Allen. If you can do that then I think you easily came out on top of that trade.

I’m still not buying into Mixon, and think you can get better return for Diggs.


If you can get Montgomery for Allen then that is a steal


I’d try to sell Baldwin first. He’s going to be maddening. Monty would be my target.


Have to say above all…DO NOT give up Diggs. Even without Bradford he was ON FIRE this week!!! So ABSOLUTELY not him for Mixon!!! If Bradford is out for a while…Keenum seems to like Diggs!!!