Kenan Allen for Ty Montgomery or Diggs for Mixon

I’m in desperate need of a RB.

My RBs: DJ, Woodhead, Riddick and Cohen
My WRs: Baldwin, K. Allen, Diggs, Garcon and JJ Nelson
MY TEs: Ertz, Ebron

Should I give up Allen for Montgomery or Diggs for Mixon?

I’m Also being offered Isaiah Crowell, Kyle Rudolph and Buck Allen for Cohen and Diggs…

Since you are absolutely desperate I would do these trades in this order.

  1. Allen for Montgomery (Allen is injury risk)
  2. Diggs for Mixon
  3. The other one.

No way a Montgomery owner is taking Allen for him. I think diggs is worth more than the unproven mixon. I get you desperately need an RB so think about trading diggs for an RB1 (maybe package for one)

I think your best bet is to try and sweet talk your way into getting Montgomery for Allen. If you can do that then I think you easily came out on top of that trade.

I’m still not buying into Mixon, and think you can get better return for Diggs.

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If you can get Montgomery for Allen then that is a steal

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I’d try to sell Baldwin first. He’s going to be maddening. Monty would be my target.

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Have to say above all…DO NOT give up Diggs. Even without Bradford he was ON FIRE this week!!! So ABSOLUTELY not him for Mixon!!! If Bradford is out for a while…Keenum seems to like Diggs!!!