Kendall Hinton flex?

I’m in a yahoo league where Kendall Hinton can be played as WR.

What are people’s thoughts on starting this guy in the flex spot in a 1/2PPR league?

I’m not desperate to find pieces to plug in at the flex spot (I also have evans, AB, and pittman who I can play), but I am desperate for a win and am going up against a juggernaut so I need big points. Just wanted to get people’s thoughts on what they think this guy might produce.

Are you going to trust a WR no one even knew was playing on DEN, who is starting at QB for the first time in years against a NO defense that just trashed Brady, Mullens, and Ryan the last 3 weeks?

That is a BIG no thank you from me.

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I’m excited for him- only because my opponent is playing him against me. If I had to guess, I imagine Denver is gonna try to run as much as possible. I’d be surprised if Hinton gets more than 10 passes. Cam Jordan is going to eat him alive.

For the most part that was my thinking. It’s just a rare opportunity to plug a QB into a flex spot so I feel like it’s worth discussing.

For sure. I’m not hating on it. It’s a solid move and def a rare opportunity to jump on.

Follow up.

Who do you like the most out of Evans, AB, and Pittman. Pittman with the better matchup, 1/2 ppr

I think all are solid plays.

TB could be seeing a negative game script, so that might mean more passing for Brady and the WRs.