Kennan Allen for Evans and Ajayi

Hey guys in a 10 team ppr league… As it stands right now I have
QB: Tom Brady
RB: Alex Collins
RB: Dion lewis
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Kennan Allen
TE: Jimmy Graham
FLEX: Michael Thomas

On the bench i have mark ingram, sammy watkins, pierre garcon…etc.

So the trade:

I give up: Kennan Allen, Vikings Defense

Return: Mike Evans, Jay Ajayi, Chargers Defense

Do you think this is a good return and do you think Ajayi is even a bump up for my current RBs?

In standard i would be interested in the trade but in full PPR, no chance. Allen, AB and MT are absolute studs and in PPR will be churning you out points every week. Plus Lewis will see the bulk of RB receptions in TEN which helps his floor a lot.

I’d take a shot at Ajayi over Collins based on your team as i think you can afford the gamble, Ajayi has a better ceiling IMO but Collins is a steady eddy. I think in full PPR the step down from Allen to Evans far outweighs what Ajayi can give you over Collins in this scenario, no trade for me.

Also Ajayi wont be getting too many receptions in PHI with Clement and Sproles taking targets away, so you really need the TDs. He is also an injury risk with his knee condition, Allen has had injuries but doesn’t have a degenerative condition like Ajayi and also got through last year unscathed health needs to be watched and cant always be assumed with Ajayi

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Theoretically I think the value is fine. People are drafting Mike Evans as a fringe wr1 and Ajayi as a rb2. So the argument is that you are seeing only a slight downgrade at wr but are adding a valuable rb asset.

The problem is I think Evans is being way overrated and think he is a big step down from Allen, especially in ppr. Evans’s days of being a target hog are over, and along with them is any chance of returning wr1 numbers. And Ajayi is a guy that I expect to be stuck in a frustrating committee all year.

So while objectively I can acknowledge that this is a fair offer, personally I would be looking at other options.

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That is kind of what I was thinking, what about instead of Ajayi a Lamar miller instead?

But the thing is I also have ingram coming back from suspension

Miller is interesting for sure but as you have Ingram i’d wait for him. He gives you an RB1 for the home stretch and pair him with those 3 WRs you’ll be tough to stop. I mean you could have 3 WRs in the top 5 at their position let alone the top 10 which is a crazy advantage to have. They will give you enough of a baseline to get you through without Ingram, i ride it out with you guys you have.

As @Kaiser says i can see Ajayi being in a frustrating committee all year. Plus with his knee condition you don’t know how they manage that, i mean he’s struggled already in preseason so whos to say they don’t rest him in a few games here and there? It’s good player management but you’ll be going mad when you find out three days before the game, and now don’t have Ajayi or Allen…