Kenny G or Corey Davis

I need to pick one but struggling to decide which!

Any help and rationale appreciated everyone!

Thats tough, but with Jones out for Detroit I’m going to have to lean towards Kenny G. Especially because Stafford’s going to have to throw a lot vs. Carolina

Golladay is my choice. Better qb and 1063-5 last year.

Golladay for me and not really that close.

Golladay by a landslide

Golladay for me too & it’s not even close. I don’t even care about format. Corey Davis is all potential & last year Tennessee was (almost) everyone’s cinderella pick to leap forward as an offense overall. I don’t trust Mariota to stay healthy & even if he does & Davis breaks out, Kenny G is the safer pick.

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Kenny G for me, too. Corey Davis has the consistency of the Raiders version of Amari Cooper with a lower ceiling. And Mariota has shown he can’t stay healthy.