Kenny G or MVS?

I have to start one of these guys in my second flex: Kenny Golladay or Marquez Valdez-Scantling. Which one do I start this week in a 1/2 point PPR league?

I gotta go with my man Kenny G all day.

MVS. MVS has been great stay with him. Lions got to work out their problems on offense before I’d start Kenny g.

Definitely close but I’d go with consistency.

I’d go MSV as well. He’s playing great, has a high ceiling, and playing with hall of famer. Kenny G is a great talent, but the lions look pathetic right now and impossible to trust.

Kenny G for me. He’s more of a sure thing to get targets. MVS hasn’t had great volume, so you’d kind of be assuming he emerges from that committee to be the #2 in GB.

Don’t overreact to one weekend. Kenny G.

Mvs this week. I feel like Xavier Howard will be matched up on Adams which will leave mvs open