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Kenny G or Thielen w/o Bradford


Case Keenum starting for the Vikes or this wouldn’t be a question. Standard scoring…


Thielen will be fine. People are overreacting to this


Overreacting? Its Case Keenum! Lol…and I’m a vikes fan in MN!


And Sam Bradford is not Aaron Rodgers. There is not as big of a difference between the two as people are making it out to be


You’re definitely not overreacting, Thielem is not getting the start for me either this week


Depending on your options it could make sense to bench Thielen. His question was Golladay or Thielen, that one isn’t particularly close for me even with Keenum as the QB


So I went with the smooth routes of Kenny G just because I wanted the Monday night play. Turns out, it doesn’t matter for my match up since I’m well on my way to a victory thanks to Hunt and Crabtree.