Kenny G worth targeting?

14 team league, 0.5ppr. I have a 1st round bye clinched so was looking for targets to give me a boost. Current WR2 is DJ Moore (injury worry). Is Kenny G worth targeting? I picked up Devontae Booker on waivers as a trade piece since the Jacobs team is in a must-win to get in playoffs situation and would definitely need Booker if Jacobs is out. Is Booker for Kenny G worth it in hopes he’s back by week 15 for me or should I target a different WR?

I dropped Kenny G to pick up Deebo Samuel from waivers this week. Kenny G has been a bust overall this season. When he plays he is great, but that’s the thing…when he plays. I don’t think he will come back this fantasy season, like many others. From the comments I’ve read. It seems he wants a new contract and will not play until he gets his money. I don’t want the headache anymore, he just taking up a roster spot. So, after me venting…No, do not target him. Not worth it.

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