Kenny Galloday!?

What you guys think of his outlook this year. Ia he still a buy low? And so yes what is realistic. 1st and …

He’s a player that I’d be really interested in getting this season. I think he’s going to be more expensive than I’d like but in my league the golladay owner has been talking him up for a while.

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Ow for sure he is awesome but its tough because did already hit his ceiling or is he gonna be mindblowing. Well its a risk stil if you pay to much.

I’d be careful. He showed at times an inability to get over against top coverage. And with the new OC in Bevell, I’d expect a slight shift to more run in the offense. Not exactly run heavy but their OLine is looking great, Kerryon seems to be the guy there. This is the same OC that ran the Marshawn Lynch Seahawks. Most people that have Golladay don’t want to sell him for too cheap and that’s the only way I’d buy him

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Well he is gonna be the nr1 receiver in Detroit. But you magood point about Kerryon.

Ridley or golladay dynasty wise. Not just next season.

Golladay but I’m also a Ridley hater… Golladay doesn’t have his ceiling limited by Julio.

I have concerns with Golladay as a true number 1 in an offense but at least he is one.

I’d rather have ridley over Golladay long term I think. Golladay I expect to be more productive for next season comfortably though. But 2 or 3 down the line Ridley might be among the best in the game if things go his way.

I vote Golladay as a big up. People will point to issues last season and they are right, but not the whole picture. He started as a WR 2B/3. Lions shipped Tate and lost Jones which only left Golladay. So while it is right that he had a harder time against top cover, there was no one else out there anyway. They only had to worry about Golladay. That will likely not be the case next year and it should be better for Golladay. Plus if they get Kerryon going, that will give defenses something else to worry about.

I believe this was the start of many good things to come for Kenny G. That said, I am not sure he is high end WR1. I see him as a high/mid 2 with low 1 upside. I would push for him in that regard, and not if the owner is trying to push him as a top tier guy. He might get there, but he is probably a year or two out of that consideration. He showed some great improvement last year, but DET has to re-calibrate before he can take off.

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I’m not sure he was a buy low enough even last year, at least mot in our draft.

Everyone loves him, and that’s going to be the problem.

A buy low for Kenny G does not exist anymore. Your opportunity has passed. If Kenny G was in a startup rookie draft today, he’d easily be the 1.01 and is really worth more than that imo. So would use that as your bench mark.