Kenny GOLLADAY F****** me today!

WTF… Who the f*** is M.Roberts and where did he come from!?! Thanks alot Kenny Golladay , because of this pos I’m gonna lose this week… I literally could have started anybody but him and I would have won. Meanwhile TY. Hilton 15.5pts, John Brown 21.2pts, and Tarik Cohen 16.6pts, are on the bench … wtf man


Golladay had something like a 15-20 yard TD taken away on an O-line hold… … that woulda made his day just fine… I think you’re over reacting a bit thats not his fault…


I watched the game he had a touchdown called back because of an OL penalty that didn’t effect the play. These things happen to the best players in game. Plus Kerryon went full ham.

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That’s painful. But that’s kind of on you man.

Hilton / John Brown were 2 auto starts. Brown even more so.

Can’t blame Kenny G. Also, he had a TD called back due to holding. Also not his fault :frowning:


I sat Golladay for Goodwin as an upside play. Guess how well that turned out.

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I am genuinely shocked at how bad the 49ers were today. Didn’t even take any shots down field at all. Goodwin was a no show. I guess I shouldn’t be that shocked cause there’s a reason why Beathard is a backup but still, just insane they couldn’t even score a garbage time TD.

Ugh I needed Goodwin to do SOMETHING…ANYTHING. But alas he was nonexistant until late into the 4th. I really am starting to wonder if I was just chasing points picking him up this week…

Desperately need a solid WR2/3

Beathard man. That’s the problem with these bad QBs. Difference between good ones and bad ones is consistency. Lots of people can go out there and perform on any given sunday. The good ones do it over and over again.

Goodwin had a great matchup, but Beathard looked legit frightened as an adult to throw against the rams. Shocking they didn’t even take any shots. Looked like a child playing there among men.

Seemed like he just held onto the ball way too long too

I just needed 1 points to win. I had brieda left. yall know the story…… T.T

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Actually no, it’s easy to say things in hindsight; however, Hilton and John Brown were by no means autostart. It is Hilton’s first week coming back from a hamstring injury, anyone who knows fantasy football knows there’s a HUGE risk playing a player there first game back from a major injury. It is advised against in all formats and considered unadvisable . John Brown is a consideration start every week, but he’s had 2 bad games back to back, been losing his target share and Kenny Golladay is considered the more consistent , higher ranked, better wr to start across all platforms . So no , not autostart .

kenny g soooo smooth man

So smooth on the bench next week. I’m gonna pull him for Hilton

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i won a matchup this week because golladay was in his team lol but i also lost another where i started breida over latavius murray, so i know how you’re feeling rn haha

Yeah bench him next week that will show him!

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Generally speaking, I would agree with you but considering the situations, would disagree.

Hilton is coming back from injury, true. But he has also been held out and well rested for weeks now rather than being rushed back. Leading up the week, he was a full participant in practice all week. In my eyes, Hilton is actually a stud. And when studs are healthy, even if its first week back, I’m fine starting them. Especially when making choices between the stud and the lower tier of receivers like Kenny G, who I love by the way. That coupled with the fact that Luck has been throwing the ball an absurd amount made Hilton an auto start for me personally, although maybe not for others. Based on what Luck was able to do with the garbage WRs for weeks past, a 70% Hilton was still 3x better than anyone else on the field. And I said he is an auto start because I actually started him in every single league I had, over guys like Golladay, Marvin Jones and Tate. I’ve also been saying to buy Hilton everywhere for a couple weeks now after seeing how Luck has been performing. So it’s not really hindsight just saying what it was like from my perspective/opinion. Which obviously is wrong all the time too so take it as you want.

As for John Brown, he had a quiet 2 weeks but this week, he was going up against the saints who have the worst slot CBs in the league in PJ Williams. Someone who had no chance at covering John Brown’s speed and has been consistently burned on a weekly basis all season and has been someone who has pretty much been an auto target for me all season. If you use FantasyPros, I’m sure they’ve brought it up as well. So yeah, he was an auto start for me unless you have a team with a bunch of WR1s, which it doesn’t sound like you do given you started Kenny G.

Also, I don’t really know what you’re referring to when you say higher ranked or better WR across all platforms. I don’t use rankings to make start sit decisions at all cause no one really knows how those rankings are developed and it’s all a crap shoot. Especially once you get out of the top 20-30 players. I just go based on match-ups and situation. Definitely not accurate all the time either but I’ve found it results in a much better hit rate than relying on ECR weekly rankings. That stuff almost never works out.

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Agree a little overreaction. That’s they way the game goes.

Kerryon should be pissed he does all the work then some idiot keeps putting Blount in to get the score. Seriously 158 rushing yards and the coaching staff doesn’t pay him off with a score…Patricia is a fool.

This here is exactly why I’m probably trying to sell him off this week.

No he did not. T.Y. Hilton was limited the entire week and questionable to play until the day before gameday. I would know, because I used that as ammo to trade Tyler Lockett for Hilton on Thursday, lol. Still, Hilton was barely even used , had 25 yards and was saved by touchdowns meaning they were limiting him. As for John Brown , it was him or Tyler Boyd who’s been explosive the entire season.

Tyler Boyd going against the 32nd ranked defense in the league. I did play the matchup