Kenny Golladay or Bilow Powel as a flex?

12 team standard league

I’d say Golladay if you need upside, Powell floor. I think the Det/SF game has sneaky shootout appeal.

Kenny G has routes Soo smooth!

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Powell all day

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Powell by a mile

In a standard league, it’s closer for me but I’d rather play Golladay. He led the entire team in routes run and targets and appears to be the possession guy. Also got a couple red zone looks stafford missed on.

San Francisco defense allow 227 passing yards - Kenny G.
Miami allows 116 rushing yards - B.Powel

This is my roster

QB - Phillip Rivers
RB- J. Conner
RB- P. Barber
WR- L.Fitzgerald
WR- Q. Enuwa
Flex- Kenny G. or B. Powel
Kicker- J. Eliiot
Defense- Saints


RB- L.Bell
RB- D. Freeman
WR- Kenny G
WR- M. Goodwin
WR- C. Hogan
WR- D. Baldwin

I have Problems and Im 1-0 going for that 2-0.

If you’re also starting Q, i’m probably fading powell.

Assuming what you quoted was week 1 stats? Those were against different teams as well and different game scripts. I think the lions game has a better chance of being higher scoring than Miami.

Also, powell shares backfield with a couple others. I don’t really want to start multiple players from low scoring teams. My preference is still Golladay given how involved he was in the passing game and red zone looks.

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Yeah them stats are from week 1. So Kenny G it is. I still dont like P.Barber vs Eagles but at this point I no longer have other options and his the workhouse of that team. I will keep you posted on here how things turned out. This should be interesting.

Im right there with you on having to play Barber as my RB2 this week, terrible. Doesn’t make me feel good at all lol.

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Barber choke this weekend. BUT! IAM NOW 2-0!!! I won!!! what did sucked was to see chris hogan in my bench with 16 points and Powell in my bench with 14 points. I would be so pissed if I would of lost knowing I had this guys in my bench kicking ass when they was not so good the previous weekend.