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Kenny Golladay or Corey Davis ROS?


Kenny Golladay or Corey Davis ROS?


Tough call. I have Golladay, I trust Stafford over Mariota. But Davis is an amazing talent.


I feel like Golliday is going to give you more opportunities with the way the Lions tend to get into shootouts. Also, I have zero faith in Mariota, where Stafford can occasionally throw a TD between interceptions.


Golladay against greenbay is a good match up.
If you’re asking for rest of year then it’s FORSURE golladay


Corey Davis. That is completely dependent upon Mariota’s health though. But he’s healthy now, and as long as he is, Davis will see like 15 targets a game. I feel like Golladay is gonna get lost in the fray a bit with all those WR’s and Kerryon coming along. Certainly not completely lost though as long as Stafford’s around. Both good for ROS purposes but I prefer Corey Davis.


He might not get as many targets, but Stafford likes him in the red zone, so I think Golliday’s targets are better overall.