Kenny Golladay or Cris Godwin?

Kenny Golladay with his smooth routes or Cris Godwin in a dynasty startup? I’ve got A. Brown, Tyreek Hill, and D. Thomas as my wide receivers so I don’t need either one of these guys for a year or two. Which one has the better future?

Godwin by a huge margin. I don’t expect Golladay to be a factor without injury. I expect Godwin to be a factor unless he’s injured. I think he’s a better player and his floor and ceiling are higher.

oo thats a fun question. im gonna go with the smooth routes master, mr golladay. here is why. he has the easiest route to being their WR1, he has already had a really good connection with matt stafford, and that was shown to be true with tate and jones on the field, yet he still managed to get almost 500 yards and 3 TDs in his rookie year. where godwin is looking at being the bucs number 2 at best in a year or 2 behind mike evans. pair that with jackson still having at least 2 years left on his contract, and that he has to fight humpferies just to be the slot guy, and yeah. smooth routes is valuable now, and should be more valuable in the future with tate turning 30 in a contract year. then the next question is who do you trust more at QB to get them the ball, and i trust stafford a lot more than winston to preform at a high level at this moment. so yep, i cant even think of any reasons to poke holes in my argument ATM. he just has everything in his favor to succeed. size, decent speed, arm length, hand size, better team, better QB… and less talent to fight with to get to a starting, if not THE starting WR spot. if golden tate resigns though i think it would make it harder. long winded response so ill stop here haha.

Godwin. Better routes and better contested catches. Evans keeps the pressure off and no one there (outside Evans likely) is a better skilled WR. He is the ascending talent on a skilled young team (QB/WR/RB/TE) that should keep the nucleus together moving forward and that stability will yield an easier path to growth.

Kenny G is fine, but he is not on the same level IMHO.

Neither should sink you, but Godwin for the win.

Love me see Godwin…