Kenny Golladay or Golden Tate

Footclan -
I have both Kenny G. and Tate in my team and I need to trade one… whom should I let go and why?

I’d trade Kenny…he looked good week 1 but he is still a #3 WR. But you should get more value obviously for Tate, so if your looking to get good value this early in the season I’d move Tate.

But maybe something like try and trade Kenny for someone like John Brown?

Potential trade to look like this:
Acquire: Freeman
Trade away: Mixon and Golladay/Tate

What do you all think? Bad trade for me?

Trade away Tate.

If you watched the game, Kenny G looked really good and was often the primary read by Stafford. He also took over a lot of the work in the short/intermediate range which is where Tate typically works. One is trending up and the other is trending down. Most of Tates targets came later in the game as well once the game was totally out of hand.

This receiving game is going to be led by jones and golladay going forward imo. Golladay also led the entire team in routes run and snaps which are the best indicators of his involvement in the game. A year later and much more healthy, I love how Golladay looks. I’m buying him up and selling tate everywhere i could.

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Mike I hope your right!!! I have Kenny in a dynasty league and a 14 team ppr 27 point per receiving TD lol

Tate still distanced the team in targets. I think Jones is going to be the odd man out. Their skill sets match up in that Golladay can do everything Jones can do and more. The Lions still can’t run the ball. Tate is basically their running back via short receptions.

I agree with trade Tate in that he will have decent value on return so maybe you can get something else. You just have to remember that the only thing generally preventing Tate from being a WR1 these past few years is touchdowns. If he jumps from 5 to 8 in that department and keeps pace on his catches and yards from previous years then he will be there.

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This was my hypothesis as well before I saw the game but it was clearly not the case. Jones is still the primary deep threat / jump ball specialist while Golladay took most of the underneath work. Very different to what I saw last year. Maybe the game was an outlier but it’s how he was being used the entire game. If that trend continues, it’s going to Golladay eating from Tates plate,.

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Jones did just miss a couple of big plays.

Yeah he missed 2x 40 yard bombs which were TDs. They were both tough catches for sure but he typically comes down with the 1st one. It was in his hands and he dropped it.

And the 2nd one was close but much more difficult so I can’t hate on him for it. It would’ve been a sensational catch if he got it.

This is why I’m not that down yet on Staff or the lions. They were a couple of missed plays away from making it a pretty interesting game.

And they get to go out this week and show it against a mediocre 49ers defense.

I like them as road dogs this week for sure. It’s going to be borderline on the wind situation out there as 18 mph is being projected so that might limit some of the deep passing game a bit. Around 20 mph is generally where the game starts being drastically affected. So I am going to keep an eye on that because Pettis is one of the guys I am looking to spot start this week.

I actually bet on them this week. +6 was one of my favorite bets. This game could be a shoot out imo. I think the 18MPH is actually pretty manageable and normal for out door stadiums. It’s when you get the wind gusts of 25+ that really causes a problem, and more so for QBs without strong arms throwing floaters (i.e. Derek Carr). Stafford has an absolute cannon so I think it should be okay but we’ll see.

Pettis is a sneaky start for sure. My leagues aren’t deep enough for me to start him but he’d be a good stash.

I’d be more worried if they were still playing in Candlestick. The swirling wind there was the worst.