Kenny Golladay

What do you guys think about smooth routes himself? Is he the #1 in Detroit now? Can he be trusted as a weekly starter?

I want to say no but the numbers don’t lie, 7 receptions on the last 2 weeks with 28 combined targets… That sounds like a #1 to me. Two things worry me, first the amount of mouths to feed and second Stafford can be unreliable at times. Opinions? Should I be starting Golladay next week?

I think he has been good enough and the matchup is good enough to start him, but it of course depends on your other options.

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Tate has had same number of targets in that time FWIW.

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Tate, sanders or gollada ROS

Don’t think you can call him the No.1 there, I still believe that is Tate. But can he be trusted as a weekly starter? I think so. Detroit’s lack of a pass-catching tight end coupled with the fact that they’re going to have to throw the ball a ton this year makes me believe Tate, Golladay, and Marvin Jones will all be valuable this year. We’ve seen it already through the first 2 weeks.

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